B.N. Key All rounder

Age: 28
Left-hand batsman
Left-arm unorthodox bowler

Season 34-Present

2nd XI Captain: Season 35-37


  • FC: Season 38-Present, 43 matches, 1,726 runs @ 35.2, 184 wickets @ 34.7, 11 catches
  • OD: Season 38-Present, 48 matches, 412 runs @ 31.7, 63 wickets @ 34.4, 5 catches
  • 2nd XI: Season 34-Present, 31 matches, 583 runs @ 34.3, 43 wickets @ 17.4, 10 catches

League Honours (Tier 1 only)

  • 1 x CC Oceania Bowling MVP: Season 41
  • 1 x CC Oceania Most Wickets: Season 41

Club Honours

  • 2 x FC Best and Fairest: Season 40-41
  • 2 x FC Most Wickets: Season 40-41

Eagles insiders saw Key as a star in the making from the moment the club obtained the services of this former number 9 pick for just over half a million late in season 34, and in recent seasons he has made strides towards justifying the hype. Key is a left-arm unorthodox bowler whose variations confound even the best batsmen, and while he is not a flairful batsman, he is technically correct and well-suited to supporting frontline batsmen from 8 or 9 in the order. His defining moment thus far has been the final round of season 41, in which he took 10 wickets in an innings and 15 for the match: the third tier 1 10-for in CC history across all continents and a first for the Eagles, and all-time best match figures for both the club and the league. Pundits across the world await how he follows up his feats next season.

Key's ascension to the record books comes as no surprise to dedicated Eagles fans who noted his dominance of the 2nd XI. Named 2nd XI captain in just his second season at the club, Key's bowling in particular was a class above that level: he averages well below 20 in 2nd XI cricket, an average that hit a scarcely believable 7.85 in season 37. It was the following season in which he broke into the senior side, albeit playing as a third spinner behind N.M. Morey and K.A. Naz. In eighteen games in his first two seasons, Key made contributions without being spectacular, averaging in the twenties with the bat (including a hundred against ThePakiChamps) and the forties with the ball.

Key began to emerge as an integral part of the Eagles' lineup in season 40, arguably taking over from Naz as the Eagles' premier spinner. He topped the club's wicket-taking with 57 at an average of 33, including a six-wicket haul in a losing cause against Cricket Inc, meanwhile averaging 50 with the bat. His all-round contributions saw him win his first club best and fairest award. That was a prelude to season 41, however, when Key went back to back in the club best and fairest while topping the wicket-taking charts for Oceania tier 1 with 69, capped off by that famous 10/123 against Wabbits CC.


B.N. Key has more detailed statistics available.

11 Jul 2017 Tayavalla vs Westville CC
Last match
07 Jul 2020 Green Valley Eagles vs The Lannisters


Season 122326289429.9053.3150700400
Career 5994182519118*33.1450.9315229301500


Season 12298215135995/7144/1325.643.0450.54251
Career 59154088149246123/10173/1533.133.1762.6311142
29 Apr 2017 Westville CC vs Anti-Inertia
Last match
23 Sep 2019 Rocketown Rebels vs Green Valley Eagles


Career 676320194111745.1490.03123199224010


Career 67290923608440/628.104.8734.6342
08 Oct 2017 India A vs Westville CC
Last match
12 Jul 2020 Green Valley Eagles vs Donkeys!


Season 14941313026.2093.5700112100
Career 69462766064*34.7486.9610616603


Season 147205791637/336.194.8245.0000
Career 69369631618743/636.335.1342.4831

Recent matches

Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Competition Date
0, 45/2, 1c Green Valley Eagles v Donkeys! One day (50 over) 12 Jul 2020
13, 77/0, 12, 51/2 Green Valley Eagles v The Lannisters First class 07 Jul 2020
37/3 Green Valley Eagles v The Beers One day (50 over) 05 Jul 2020
183/2, 36, 10 Green Valley Eagles v Dockeroos First class 30 Jun 2020
39/2 Green Valley Eagles v Dockeroos One day (50 over) 28 Jun 2020
82, 59/0, 11, 69/3 Green Valley Eagles v Cricket Inc First class 23 Jun 2020
26*, 21/0 Green Valley Eagles v Gloucester One day (50 over) 21 Jun 2020
32, 76/1, 5 Green Valley Eagles v Billy Goats First class 16 Jun 2020
43/1, 5 Green Valley Eagles v Anti-Inertia One day (50 over) 14 Jun 2020
22, 88/2, 12* Green Valley Eagles v Too short for Chess First class 09 Jun 2020