R.G. Mgijima Batsman

Age: 30
Left-hand batsman
Right-arm off spin bowler

Season 29-Present

Captain: Season 41-Present

2nd XI Captain: Season 30-32


  • FC: Season 36-Present, 73 matches, 5,397 runs @ 45.7, 46 catches
  • OD: Season 36-Present, 74 matches, 2,823 runs @ 44.1, 23 catches
  • 2nd XI: Season 29-Present, 90 matches, 2,515 runs @ 44.9, 20 catches


  • 1 x CC Oceania 50 Over: Season 37

Club Honours

  • 1 x FC Most Runs: Season 38
  • 2 x OD Best and Fairest: Season 37-38
  • 3 x OD Most Runs: Season 37-38, 40

Mgijima is a classic rags-to-riches story. Overlooked in his draft (he wound up a founding member of obscure South African club Tupper CC), picked up by the Eagles on little more than a hunch, his place in the squad seemingly always under threat through his 2nd XI days, Mgijima fought his way through on the only currency that matters for a batsman: runs. That currency has thus paid dividends in his senior career, throughout which he has consistently averaged in the mid-forties, and has not missed a game since his debut season. Mgijima was appointed captain of the club in season 41, following J.C. Bulbulia's departure, and his universally beloved status among players, coaches and fans has only grown with the appointment.

Mgijima is an unorthodox left-handed batsman, hunched over at the crease, but nonetheless bowlers looking for a way to exploit his idiosyncrasies have searched in vain. He is also an accomplished fielder and bowls speculative right-arm offies. As ugly as he looked in his 2nd XI days, an average of 51 in his first three seasons carried him through a later form slump. Nonetheless, it was a surprise when he made his debut in season 36. After making just 8 in his first match, a century and a fifty apiece in his second and third games - the latter on a spicy wicket against ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS - secured his hold on a place in the senior lineup: one that he has not relented since.

The key to Mgijima's success is his consistency: since his debut season, he has scored at least 900 runs and averaged at least 40 in every season, twice breaking the 1,000-run barrier and topping the club's runscoring with 1,105 in season 38. Mgijima celebrated his appointment as captain with 271 against the Billy Goats, although thereafter he suffered a relative dip in form, crossing fifty only three more times for the season. He will look to rebound in season 42 as he seeks to become the Eagles' fourth championship captain.


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21 Aug 2018 Green Valley Eagles vs North Eastern Magic
Last match
07 Jul 2020 Green Valley Eagles vs The Lannisters


Season 1223089717039.0053.367111301200
Career 851498629427144.6457.97321374015802


Season 12000-----000
Career 8578920---7.08-000
05 Oct 2016 Tupper CC vs Los Caballeros
Last match
22 Oct 2018 Green Valley Eagles vs Rocketown Rebels


Career 9275172525144*43.5395.861632721321010


Career 921801740--5.80-00
26 Aug 2018 Green Valley Eagles vs Too short for Chess
Last match
05 Jul 2020 The Beers vs Green Valley Eagles


Season 131125008855.5688.6540453301
Career 88839334211945.1688.412053201526018


Season 13000----00
Career 88000----00

Recent matches

Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Competition Date
62, 38, 1c Green Valley Eagles v The Lannisters First class 07 Jul 2020
43*, 1c, 1ro Green Valley Eagles v The Beers One day (50 over) 05 Jul 2020
26, 51 Green Valley Eagles v Dockeroos First class 30 Jun 2020
37 Green Valley Eagles v Dockeroos One day (50 over) 28 Jun 2020
22, 11, 1c Green Valley Eagles v Cricket Inc First class 23 Jun 2020
14 Green Valley Eagles v Gloucester One day (50 over) 21 Jun 2020
45, 36, 1c Green Valley Eagles v Billy Goats First class 16 Jun 2020
88 Green Valley Eagles v Anti-Inertia One day (50 over) 14 Jun 2020
170, 73, 1c Green Valley Eagles v Too short for Chess First class 09 Jun 2020
82* Green Valley Eagles v Bowral Suns One day (50 over) 07 Jun 2020