W.R. Beasley All rounder

Plays for Jksc
Age: 32
Right-hand batsman
Right-arm medium bowler

A steady medium paced bowler, and hard hitting batsman known for his accuracy with the ball. He developed his swing bowling in later years to enhance his back of a length or full and straight approach.

Originally drafted back in the same season as fellow all round medium pacer Brennan, he followed a slightly different path. Where Brennan focused on his bowling first and batting second, Beasley took the opposite approach. Both were relatively lowly skilled AR and had to put a lot of effort into reaching decent skill levels. Beasley found he spent the entirety of his career in limited overs formats. Whilst he thought briefly that he may get opportunities at FC cricket as Shepherd slowly faded the veteran all-rounder maintained his place until younger players were deemed at a level to replace him. He was a steady performer in OD cricket, although his batting returns were lower than hoped for a batsman as skilled as he became. His returns with the ball were consistent, albeit never devastating (never took a 5wi), and he leaves the Ducklings 5th on the OD wickets list, one of only seven bowlers to pass 200.

He heads off to try and finally get his chance in FC cricket.

William Beasley comes to The Beers as a 30 year old for S150,001, he has under delivered on what The Beers see in him. He is a batter who can bowl some more than handy medium pacers. He has been brought in for a trial with limited overs cricket but he will be a handy option in the FC side.

He has gotten off to a slow start down the order for the beers until he was promoted to number 3 when other under performing batsmen were looking for form down the order, His ffirst 3 games up the order have resulted in 50's in each which has been valuable but he will need to go on with those starts. His bowling has also been lacking but he keeps it tight and gives the fast men a chance to rest.


W.R. Beasley has more detailed statistics available.

21 Apr 2020 The Beers vs Dockeroo2
Last match
20 Oct 2020 Hobart Thunders CC vs Jksc


Season 58019111623.8860.2501250000
Career 13222831159*41.5558.9442940100


Season 57564461833/661/924.783.5442.00010
Career 1316089412733/661/934.853.5159.56110
20 Jun 2016 Parkin Cricket Club vs The Ducklings
Last match
19 Sep 2020 Cric Info XI vs Manchester United Club


Season 330312010.3388.570020100
Career 179414347*28.6079.8900130200


Season 3150140556/228.005.6030.0000
Career 178197942448/733.085.8234.1202
30 Jul 2016 The Ducklings vs appleyard
Last match
25 Oct 2020 Jksc vs Desperate XI


Season 12813238346.14122.3540491100
Career 23617249379410630.8595.42183359282404


Season 127026301753/537.065.3841.2901
Career 236122031125725353/544.495.5348.2371

Recent matches

Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Competition Date
55/2, 83 Jksc v Desperate XI One day (50 over) 25 Oct 2020
41/3, 55, potm Jksc v Riebeek CC One day (50 over) 24 Oct 2020
33/6, 116, 28/3 Jksc v Hobart Thunders CC First class 20 Oct 2020
54, 57/0 Jksc v Sunrisers Hyderabad One day (50 over) 18 Oct 2020
70/1, 79 Jksc v SYLHETY BOYZ One day (50 over) 17 Oct 2020
1, 60/2, 1c Cric Info XI v Manchester United Club Friendly (50 over) 19 Sep 2020
20, 56/2 Cric Info XI v Manchester United Club Friendly (50 over) 18 Sep 2020
2, 47/2, 8 Cric Info XI v Star XI Kolkata First class 15 Sep 2020
27/1, 32, 44/3 Cric Info XI v Solid Youngsterz First class 08 Sep 2020
10, 24/1 Cric Info XI v Manchester United Club Friendly (50 over) 07 Sep 2020
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