Bowling statistics

CC Oceania (50 overs) (Tier 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
W.G. Mitchell (Master Blasters CC) 146936382436/526.585.5228.8801
D.J.R.A. Kapadia (Bowral Suns) 125534802328/420.875.2124.0430
M.V. Raise (Dockeroos) 135865062341/622.005.1825.4801
I.H. Mellin (Master Blasters CC) 146905852339/425.435.0930.0020
A.S. James (Carlyon Cavaliers) 147516132239/427.864.9034.1430
C.M.T. Rowell (Bay City Heavy Rollers) 148087302252/333.185.4236.7300
S.A.S. Odedra (Donkeys!) 148407802250/435.455.5738.1810
T.A.R. Beagley (Barygaza CC) 147876742045/533.705.1439.3501
W.J. Townsend (Dockeroos) 148257212050/436.055.2441.2510
K.A. Ponkshe (Dockeroos) 135944631926/324.374.6831.2600
R.G. Sharma (Barygaza CC) 137305501841/430.564.5240.5610
E.R. Blackie (Bay City Heavy Rollers) 137807281845/240.445.6043.3300
S.P. Gordon (Carlyon Cavaliers) 126555541748/432.595.0738.5310
G.C. Fish (Wabbits CC) 147266491737/238.185.3642.7100
G.A. Palairet (Dockeroos) 147746621740/338.945.1345.5300
B. Gray (Master Blasters CC) 147846191730/436.414.7446.1210
K.N. Brown (Master Blasters CC) 147826671622/341.695.1248.8800
S.B. Venugopal (Barygaza CC) 126345761525/338.405.4542.2700
M.N.R. Shendre (Barygaza CC) 147426501527/343.335.2649.4700
D.G. Blundell (Bowral Suns) 147807491546/349.935.7652.0000
C.J. Williamson (Wabbits CC) 148227121544/347.475.2054.8000
A.N. Kulkarni (Bowral Suns) 52261931429/513.795.1216.1402
W.W. Martin (Donkeys!) 105564941449/335.295.3339.7100
V.R.K. Dubash (Bowral Suns) 104624301342/433.085.5835.5410
B.H. Tilt (Donkeys!) 146925791327/344.545.0253.2300
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