Bowling statistics

CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
H.S. Trower (The Alliance) 146946343154/420.455.4822.3920
D. Tallon (The Alliance) 147986353153/620.484.7725.7412
H.J. Vyvyan (The Dutch Courage) 147136072823/521.685.1125.4612
S.I.T. Bryan (Virus Boosters) 136115202625/520.005.1123.5021
H.E. Cox (Castle CC) 147306002636/523.084.9328.0802
D.E. Ndima (The Dutch Courage) 147225662556/622.644.7028.8811
A. Law (Castle CC) 126035752445/523.965.7225.1211
V.A. Miller (Rajputs CC) 146996182450/925.755.3029.1211
F. Fulljames (Warriors of the Wasteland) 147926072432/425.294.6033.0030
S.M. Bird (The Alliance) 147275752328/425.004.7531.6120
I.M. August (Virus Boosters) 147676482133/430.865.0736.5210
S.K.R. Thirumal (Castle CC) 146956592066/432.955.6934.7510
W. Watson (The Dutch Courage) 137095332029/526.654.5135.4502
R.W. Dalrymple (Warriors of the Wasteland) 145954531810/425.174.5733.0610
R. Dotiwala (Virus Boosters) 146015421817/430.115.4133.3920
J.N. Roberts (Rajputs CC) 146265371829/329.835.1534.7800
M.H. Vijayakrishna (Warriors of the Wasteland) 147236871835/638.175.7040.1701
M.P. Sinha (Milford CC) 147806401853/435.564.9243.3310
A.E.N.A. Muliliwana (The Dutch Courage) 136655991725/335.245.4039.1200
R.J. Atkinson (Castle CC) 147486621733/438.945.3144.0010
H.H. Slipper (The Alliance) 147686221741/436.594.8645.1810
L. Somers-Smith (Castle CC) 147967051745/441.475.3146.8210
A.A. Ahmed (Isle of Wight CC) 115284511630/328.195.1233.0000
K.K. Magor (Isle of Wight CC) 13552488156/532.535.3036.8001
J.E. Griffiths (The Dutch Courage) 146685541550/336.934.9844.5300
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