Bowling statistics

The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 4) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
W.R. Sivaramakrishnan (Renegades CC) 147695792615/522.274.5229.5821
V. Suryanarayan (East Yorkshire CC) 135975762544/523.045.7923.8801
E.J. Williams (Bowral Suns) 146035512013/527.555.4830.1511
E.M.B.A. Lambert (Riebeek CC) 147607501949/339.475.9240.0000
W. Nel (Renegades CC) 147686471958/434.055.0540.4210
M.F. Liddicut (Diagon Alley) 105204481843/724.895.1728.8901
M.F. Puri (The Commoners) 134703531718/320.764.5127.6500
S.M. Hemanth (The Commoners) 145153821732/522.474.4530.2901
R. Head (Renegades CC) 148116691730/339.354.9547.7100
I.P.A. Tierney (East Yorkshire CC) 147537741659/648.386.1747.0611
T. Gribble (East Yorkshire CC) 94023171548/321.134.7326.8000
J.J.M.W. Hollingworth (East Yorkshire CC) 125765541525/336.935.7738.4000
W.J.E.D. Richardson (Riebeek CC) 146025501553/436.675.4840.1310
E.A. Mailey (Diagon Alley) 105224531470/432.365.2137.2910
S. Balasubramaniam (The Commoners) 105345031467/335.935.6538.1400
J.C. Ryall (Kerala Blasterss) 94504961376/438.156.6134.6210
P.S.A.J. Goswami (Riebeek CC) 116285721328/344.005.4648.3100
D.W. Qaimkhani (Bowral Suns) 147487541345/458.006.0557.5420
V.R.K. Dubash (Bowral Suns) 84624291234/535.755.5738.5011
S.G. Vinayak (SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS) 105344901233/340.835.5144.5000
K.J. Stoltes (Bowral Suns) 146005251249/343.755.2550.0000
P. Williams (Diagon Alley) 116275961258/449.675.7052.2510
H.M. Bhalla (SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS) 147866981228/558.175.3365.5001
S.I. Anson (East Yorkshire CC) 146827901145/271.826.9562.0000
R.H. Meghana (Renegades CC) 147605871115/453.364.6369.0910
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