Bowling statistics

The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 1) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
G.M. Draper (Ferocious Blasters) 146935652349/624.574.8930.1321
J.M. Raphael (Leaps' Losers) 147156502344/528.265.4531.0911
C.J. Dighton (Ferocious Blasters) 147275812331/425.264.8031.6120
B.M. Jones (Wanderers XI) 125804782040/523.904.9429.0001
J.H. Mitchley (Wanderers XI) 147776852050/634.255.2938.8501
W.M. Hinde (Leaps' Losers) 148026732030/433.655.0340.1020
K. Marsham (The Beers) 147005451936/528.684.6736.8401
S.P. Gordon (Carlyon Cavaliers) 136615801831/532.225.2636.7201
R.T.D.K. Ray (Barygaza CC) 147715891826/432.724.5842.8310
A.E. Davis (The Mighty Mighty Ducks) 148107531820/441.835.5845.0010
M.R. Robinson (Leaps' Losers) 147095881750/434.594.9841.7110
A.S. James (Carlyon Cavaliers) 136695891616/336.815.2841.8100
M.B.T.R. Bhattacharjee (Ferocious Blasters) 147086121643/338.255.1944.2500
S.B. Venugopal (Barygaza CC) 147515741642/435.884.5946.9410
J.M. Yeabsley (Ferocious Blasters) 146795311531/335.404.6945.2700
R.V.A. Kanulkar (Barygaza CC) 147967251533/248.335.4653.0700
D.E. Qadir (Carlyon Cavaliers) 52221631435/611.644.4115.8611
M.I. Apte (Carlyon Cavaliers) 63182361341/418.154.4524.4620
T. Dunglass (Leaps' Losers) 145975611352/443.155.6445.9210
D.S. Upadhyay (Ferocious Blasters) 127205841239/448.674.8760.0010
P. Nawaz (The Beers) 125965911143/353.735.9554.1800
P.G. Oommen (The Beers) 126906341154/557.645.5162.7301
S.R. Shirke (Barygaza CC) 137265951133/254.094.9266.0000
K.H. Toufiq (Barygaza CC) 147715921148/453.824.6170.0910
H.N. Vignesh (The Mighty Mighty Ducks) 14785628110/257.094.8071.3600
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