Bowling statistics

World Championship bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
M.G.T.I. Rana (Moorehead CC) 136425702558/522.805.3325.6801
B.B. Strauss (Temporary Kickers) 147137532456/531.386.3429.7101
D.P.G.A. Roberts (Huntsbury Raiders) 126195272216/523.955.1128.1411
P.W. Briant (Temporary Kickers) 147568042120/338.296.3836.0000
M.J. Moore (Dreamers Nepal) 147747952017/439.756.1638.7020
S.A. Tahir (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 14701481204/424.054.1235.0520
L.J. Butler (Dreamers Nepal) 146917122049/435.606.1834.5510
G. John (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 146705472038/427.354.9033.5010
K.L. Hindmarch (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 105163661944/519.264.2627.1601
O. Holder (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 136615001816/327.784.5436.7200
I.J. Brache (Temporary Kickers) 105795851857/432.506.0632.1720
H.M. Webster (Baston Chilton CC) 125695941843/433.006.2631.6120
K.S.N.G. Sachan (Baston Chilton CC) 147066661722/239.185.6641.5300
A.J. Ratra (Moorehead CC) 136135651736/533.245.5336.0611
B.S. Keerthiratne (Ghaloti) 115915321737/531.295.4034.7601
M.W. Whittaker (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 114853561617/522.254.4030.3101
A. Majumdar (Moorehead CC) 137026501521/643.335.5646.8001
J. Gordon (Dreamers Nepal) 145896311558/442.076.4339.2710
H. Lynch (Dreamers Nepal) 145625381524/435.875.7437.4710
A.S. Karim (SACHIN101) 126605461455/339.004.9647.1400
H. Dobb (Moorehead CC) 135124451433/331.795.2136.5700
G.E. McConchie (Huntsbury Raiders) 135414401334/533.854.8841.6201
A.D. Hollins (Ghaloti) 94753881334/729.854.9036.5401
A.S. Ferguson (Dreamers Nepal) 136647401243/261.676.6955.3300
S.H. Griffiths (Moorehead CC) 136606021213/350.175.4755.0000
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