Bowling statistics

CC Oceania (50 overs) (Tier 1) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
E.W.H.P. Harding (Wabbits CC) 147396282642/524.155.1028.4211
R.A. Moroe (Too short for Chess) 146986032613/623.195.1826.8511
M.S.A.O. Saini (Green Valley Eagles) 147586292538/425.164.9830.3230
G.L. Oswald-Jacobs (Atkinson) 147777182456/429.925.5432.3820
M.V. Raise (Anti-Inertia) 147436292425/426.215.0830.9610
V.P.R. Patel (Anti-Inertia) 146605522328/324.005.0228.7000
F.T. Davis (Too short for Chess) 146785902236/426.825.2230.8210
I.M. Bokul (Atkinson) 148407972045/439.855.6942.0010
A. Taggar (Dockeroos) 148407281943/438.325.2044.2110
R.S. Hardy (Dockeroos) 148178281953/443.586.0843.0010
B.N. Key (Green Valley Eagles) 126114811943/625.324.7232.1611
J.R. Cocklin (Anti-Inertia) 147326771852/337.615.5540.6700
R.D.W. Healy (Too short for Chess) 147086171847/534.285.2339.3301
V.R. Heyns (Anti-Inertia) 146875961838/333.115.2138.1700
L.F. Tedder (Green Valley Eagles) 126905341728/431.414.6440.5910
W.J. Townsend (Dockeroos) 116506131780/436.065.6638.2410
V.C. Yerawadekar (Dockeroos) 146325371742/331.595.1037.1800
K.M. Sikwembwe (Dockeroos) 146225131742/330.184.9536.5900
S.A. Rao (Revolution) 125644491621/428.064.7835.2510
R.R. Doggrell (Revolution) 94273681627/423.005.1726.6920
V.M.G. Bolton (Anti-Inertia) 147366201540/441.335.0549.0710
B.W.W. Leonard (The Beers) 116605521545/336.805.0244.0000
C. McNeil (The Beers) 83813661562/424.405.7625.4010
B.W. Walker (Wabbits CC) 147026301469/445.005.3850.1410
N.M. Morey (Green Valley Eagles) 126725821432/441.575.2048.0010
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