Bowling statistics

The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 1) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs Wkts BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
A.M. Jessup (The Ducklings) 147676742531/426.965.2730.6820
H.T. Hearsum (The Ducklings) 147616932540/527.725.4630.4412
D. Tallon (The Alliance) 147216132434/425.545.1030.0420
A.N. Kulkarni (The Beers) 147967322353/631.835.5234.6111
P.F.M. Moore (Wanderers XI) 136605712244/625.955.1930.0011
B.S. Bhuyan (Isle of Wight CC) 116486022137/528.675.5730.8611
K.K. Magor (Isle of Wight CC) 145944982136/623.715.0328.2901
F.B. Lush (Carlyon Cavaliers) 115525151924/427.115.6029.0510
J.H. Mitchley (Wanderers XI) 137476811814/537.835.4741.5011
J. Zannis (Isle of Wight CC) 104994121830/422.894.9527.7220
H.T. Bateman-Champain (The Ducklings) 148347531749/344.295.4249.0600
S. Pithawala (Isle of Wight CC) 125885611733/333.005.7234.5900
F.G. Sanyal (Corleone Cricket Club) 146606531642/640.815.9441.2501
A. Mazumdar (Braves) 116595931548/639.535.4043.9311
P.S. Williams (The Ducklings) 146436111560/340.735.7042.8700
G.H. Aneesh (Wanderers XI) 104614041531/426.935.2630.7310
R.S. Gould (The Beers) 137016251435/444.645.3550.0710
D.K. Mehta (Corleone Cricket Club) 146526511356/450.085.9950.1510
A.L. Divekar (Corleone Cricket Club) 146024801333/436.924.7846.3120
M.I. Apte (Carlyon Cavaliers) 62482381340/318.315.7619.0800
J. Bhatt (Corleone Cricket Club) 146806361256/353.005.6156.6700
W.G. Goffet (Wanderers XI) 106005931263/349.425.9350.0000
R.J. Surbhi (Braves) 105104861233/340.505.7242.5000
J.R. Contractor (The Alliance) 104033371217/428.085.0233.5810
V. Kalita (Braves) 137507101143/264.555.6868.1800