Bowling statistics

2nd XI league (division 3) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
J. Chadwick (Runs Lola Runs) 136246212763/623.005.9723.1131
C.J. Walcott (dazzlers CC) 146415662625/621.775.3024.6502
P.S. Williams (The Ducklings) 147867352342/531.965.6134.1711
J.J. Davidson (Gloucester) 146635782157/427.525.2331.5710
O.D. Ramachandran (Runs Lola Runs) 93983552014/517.755.3519.9012
B.S. Parab (Latham CC) 147128142056/640.706.8635.6011
J.W. Wills (Latham CC) 147318482064/642.406.9636.5501
S.I. Zaidi (Calgary Crows) 14688553197/529.114.8236.2111
P.J. Griffiths (The Ducklings) 147106601913/534.745.5837.3701
M.J.C. Richardson (Gloucester) 147636151920/432.374.8440.1610
P.S. Jones (Isle of Wight CC) 73272551731/515.004.6819.2411
J. Zannis (Isle of Wight CC) 105524731728/327.825.1432.4700
K.F. Wilson (Isle of Wight CC) 146064951717/429.124.9035.6510
W.C. Burdett (Latham CC) 146296261748/336.825.9737.0000
A. Naik (Calgary Crows) 147685771740/433.944.5145.1810
W. Carey (Anti-Inertia) 105205191669/532.445.9932.5011
E.G. Leatham (The Ducklings) 148107391620/446.195.4750.6220
R.B. Desai (Gloucester) 146795431539/636.204.8045.2701
B.B. Howe (Gloucester) 84333761440/426.865.2130.9310
M.W. Hemming (Runs Lola Runs) 136636571412/346.935.9547.3600
R.N. Gupta (Calgary Crows) 145524741324/336.465.1542.4600
M.P. Chadwick (Runs Lola Runs) 135685211314/240.085.5043.6900
W.M. Fulton (Gloucester) 146585571353/342.855.0850.6200
K.A.H. Taswell (Isle of Wight CC) 41591011213/58.423.8113.2511
S. Grice (Latham CC) 146827331238/361.086.4556.8300
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