Bowling statistics

Reserve League (division 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs Wkts BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5wChange sort direction
N.A. Varley (The Warriors) 147587132640/527.425.6429.1502
S. Robertson (The Warriors) 146675232637/520.124.7025.6502
S.A. Amin (Raimon XI) 14554389263/814.964.2121.3102
C.A. Schmidt (Tayavalla) 148036672133/531.764.9838.2411
A. Robson (The Warriors) 14733632242/626.335.1730.5421
K.J. Ufton (The Dutch Courage) 147226501633/540.625.4045.1201
J.A. Williams (Latin Salsa) 147004802829/517.144.1125.0021
S.B. Ali (VAIBHAV123) 146446851970/736.056.3833.8901
J.E. Ivins (Latin Salsa) 145704041329/531.084.2543.8501
H.A.K. Alam (Raimon XI) 145654032520/516.124.2822.6011
S.M.A. Ali (VAIBHAV123) 145645832063/529.156.2028.2011
W.R. Dharmapriya (Bögra starz) 134904651561/531.005.6932.6701
L. Nawaratne (Latin Salsa) 143282491328/719.154.5525.2301
R. Mayes (Chennai super tigers) 148286481832/436.004.7046.0010
F.N. Hooper (The Warriors) 148176701434/247.864.9258.3600
F.A. Davies (Chennai super tigers) 148056541447/346.714.8757.5000
P.S. Rahman (Chennai super tigers) 147986971368/453.625.2461.3810
K.B. Gleeson (Tayavalla) 14784568187/331.564.3543.5600
I.C. Hyndson (Chennai super tigers) 147615651630/335.314.4547.5600
K.R. Abid (Tayavalla) 147485572139/326.524.4735.6200
P.A. Kesteven (Bögra starz) 147448131973/442.796.5639.1610
G.O. Perera (VAIBHAV123) 147097241432/351.716.1350.6400
B. Fowler (The Dutch Courage) 147016561724/338.595.6141.2400
K.E. Aberhart (Latin Salsa) 146865271138/247.914.6162.3600
R.A. Purdy (The Warriors) 146535821845/432.335.3536.2810
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