Bowling statistics

Reserve League (division 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls RunsChange sort direction Wkts BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
S.K. Ramjohn (Bögra starz) 1430240--4.80-00
R. Gill (Bögra starz) 130320--6.40-00
R.R. Llewelyn (Bögra starz) 16051151/151.005.1060.0000
R.K. Gopal (Bögra starz) 160640--6.40-00
R.K. Sutradhar (The Dutch Courage) 4120840--4.20-00
S.A. Taylor (The Dutch Courage) 3901020--6.80-00
J.E. Thorn (The Dutch Courage) 3108120547/424.006.6721.6010
I. Dawood (Tayavalla) 4204139617/323.174.0934.0000
P.J. Yatras (Tayavalla) 3180143538/328.604.7736.0000
A.C. Phaldesai (Chennai super tigers) 3180158339/252.675.2760.0000
K.S. Chaudhari (The Dutch Courage) 4180180562/336.006.0036.0000
G.J. Richards (Latin Salsa) 14270226422/256.505.0267.5000
L. Nawaratne (Latin Salsa) 143282491328/719.154.5525.2301
G.A. Hawtrey (The Dutch Courage) 7240253650/342.176.3240.0000
P.E. Smith (Raimon XI) 14274271727/338.715.9339.1400
M.D. Devanand (The Dutch Courage) 103342821015/428.205.0733.4010
S.V. Meena (Raimon XI) 14432300933/333.334.1748.0000
S.N.S.A. Hayat (VAIBHAV123) 14366343322/1114.335.62122.0000
B.I. Stacey (Raimon XI) 14513355226/416.144.1523.3220
I.D.D.A. Swart (The Dutch Courage) 11378365844/345.625.7947.2500
S.A. Amin (Raimon XI) 14554389263/814.964.2121.3102
H.A.K. Alam (Raimon XI) 145654032520/516.124.2822.6011
J.E. Ivins (Latin Salsa) 145704041329/531.084.2543.8501
R. Stevenson (Latin Salsa) 14528417151/427.804.7435.2020
C. Akbar (Tayavalla) 105884211920/322.164.3030.9500
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