Bowling statistics

CC Europe feeder 2 bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI BBM Avg Eco SR 4w 5w 10w
J.J. Tindale (Screaming Demons) 66233333263/763/710.413.2119.47130
F.R. Bhosle (Screaming Demons) 680445730101/8140/815.233.4126.80120
D.R. Richardson (Cestrians) 53611962715/740/147.263.2613.37132
W.A. Harvey (Cestrians) 6630303275/719/911.222.8923.33020
J.A. Ahmed (All Star RV) 6846534245/838/1322.253.7935.25121
K.J. Gond (Screaming Demons) 67033552312/648/715.433.0330.57210
P.R. Jain (Cestrians) 4351153229/631/106.952.6215.95121
A.S. Sharma (All Star RV) 66896002265/7195/1127.275.2231.32211
A.S. Chikale (All Star RV) 67634962165/565/523.623.9036.33110
R.C. Shakeer (Screaming Demons) 67385002011/639/725.004.0736.90010
A. Berry (Kidman XI) 6845912181/472/650.676.4846.94200
R.R. Sullivan (Kidman XI) 68998091890/5175/644.945.4049.94010
J.F.G. Lewry (Cestrians) 5387204168/421/512.753.1624.19200
B. Benskin (Kidman XI) 69629191549/3196/461.275.7364.13000
F.W. Conway (Kidman XI) 68668651485/3183/561.795.9961.86000
K.J. Prichard (Kidman XI) 69588311450/395/559.365.2068.43000
D.B. Bhati (Screaming Demons) 65623791336/375/629.154.0543.23000
J.J. Tait (Cestrians) 2270162951/481/718.003.6030.00100
V.V. Gokulakrishnan (All Star RV) 6726523969/569/558.114.3280.67010
N.G. Kalsi (All Star RV) 6705536850/350/367.004.5688.12000
V.A. Walker (Cestrians) 4198141417/230/335.254.2749.50000
N.T.H.E. Knowles (Cestrians) 15121/21/20.501.202.50000
S.H. Boardman (Cestrians) 212050215/115/125.002.5060.00000
H.C. Chance (Cestrians) 11027418/174/174.004.35102.00000
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