Bowling statistics

CC Asia (50 overs) (Tier 1) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
C. Chegwyn (Rocketown Rebels) 147735912629/422.734.5929.7330
J.W. Blinco (Camburton South CC) 126515132423/521.384.7327.1211
A.B. Matthews (Camburton South CC) 146656312349/427.435.6928.9110
M.A. Jones (The Ducklings) 148106572343/328.574.8735.2200
H.T. Hearsum (The Ducklings) 148026502237/529.554.8636.4501
M.T. Lele (Nurdlers) 147686312144/430.054.9336.5710
W.R. Sivaramakrishnan (Renegades CC) 137526031945/531.744.8139.5801
J. Murray (Camburton South CC) 136434991821/327.724.6635.7200
S.S. Hasan (CE Wanderers) 148408541860/447.446.1046.6710
E.G. Leatham (The Ducklings) 146555761734/333.885.2838.5300
W. Foley (The Ducklings) 146857021729/341.296.1540.2900
C. Tazelaar (Renegades CC) 137206071717/335.715.0642.3500
F.M. Clements (Goulburn Valley Cows) 137075511615/434.444.6844.1910
D.C. Hastings (Renegades CC) 148106471649/340.444.7950.6200
S.N. Wakeling (0 Circle Champs) 148367831646/348.945.6252.2500
R.P. Kumarasiri (CE Wanderers) 148408521653/453.256.0952.5010
S.N. Abid (CE Wanderers) 145404491539/329.934.9936.0000
N.L. Leigh (Goulburn Valley Cows) 116305141568/434.274.9042.0010
J.M. Williams (Rocketown Rebels) 147196401548/342.675.3447.9300
S. Cunliffe (0 Circle Champs) 115395331428/438.075.9338.5010
S.S. Dharmapala (Goulburn Valley Cows) 135914231445/630.214.2942.2101
K. Irani (Nurdlers) 116605711427/440.795.1947.1410
R.D. Cooper (Camburton South CC) 145555151341/439.625.5742.6910
H. Vawser (Camburton South CC) 146065711357/443.925.6546.6210
G.J. Webb (Rocketown Rebels) 147876641349/351.085.0660.5400
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