Bowling statistics

CC Asia (50 overs) (Tier 3 - Monal) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
S.P. Eshwran (Amateurs' CC) 146865322731/419.704.6525.4120
M. Bhattacharya (Baahubali Cricket Club) 146545412330/523.524.9628.4312
J.L.T. Cook (Gloucester) 147045862323/425.484.9930.6120
N.S. Dutta (Baahubali Cricket Club) 146475122226/423.274.7529.4110
H.A. Cox (Guyana Warriors) 136475462110/626.005.0630.8111
M. Lodhi (Speed Demons) 126124612033/423.054.5230.6020
H.J. Pettinger (THE FIRE) 116395492048/527.455.1531.9521
S.M. Saad (Guyana Warriors) 136495771922/430.375.3334.1610
S.M. Ghosh (Misfits) 84783901855/621.674.9026.5611
R.L. Meikle (Guyana Warriors) 146245361870/429.785.1534.6710
J. Bhatt (Baahubali Cricket Club) 147485941810/433.004.7641.5610
C.A. Turner (Braves) 147156971728/441.005.8542.0630
S.N. Buckham (Speed Demons) 148107011749/341.245.1947.6500
M.W. Waterman (Gloucester) 125694831635/630.195.0935.5611
H.S. Lee (Gloucester) 147897271645/445.445.5349.3120
A.P. Parthasarathi (Amateurs' CC) 148107781640/448.625.7650.6220
P.R. Sutradhar (Amateurs' CC) 84012831517/418.874.2326.7310
G.A. Kumaraguru (Baahubali Cricket Club) 146755401518/436.004.8045.0010
R.W. Pryor (Misfits) 147876541546/343.604.9952.4700
J.G. Bukako (Guyana Warriors) 135905611446/640.075.7142.1401
G.F. Silver (Misfits) 136675421439/438.714.8847.6410
A.Y. Khan (THE FIRE) 147377041465/350.295.7352.6400
V.A. Asnodkar (Braves) 147436191426/244.215.0053.0700
V.R. Roy (THE FIRE) 147686271435/344.794.9054.8600
J.D. Fleming (Gloucester) 146665581362/542.925.0351.2301
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