Bowling statistics

ODI DHAMAKA SEASON 2 bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
S.H. Maitrey (Hampshire Stars CC) 4240384771/254.869.6034.2900
P.G. Phadte (Hampshire Stars CC) 4215281675/346.837.8435.8300
A.A. Merkel (SACHIN101) 4210155518/431.004.4342.0010
B.H. Johannes Kotze (Hampshire Stars CC) 4216326564/365.209.0643.2000
A.A. Davis (Scared Shotless) 4153121445/230.254.7538.2500
J.W. Wilson (SACHIN101) 4180177455/244.255.9045.0000
S.K. Sureshkumar (Hampshire Stars CC) 36093345/331.009.3020.0000
G.W. Johnson (SACHIN101) 4210193329/264.335.5170.0000
W.L. Thomas (Scared Shotless) 4240231357/277.005.7880.0000
S.D. Smith (SACHIN101) 4223184236/192.004.95111.5000
W.J. Mayer (SACHIN101) 4228202240/2101.005.32114.0000
F. Parker (Hampshire Stars CC) 4240295265/2147.507.38120.0000
H. Verma (Hampshire Stars CC) 16078178/178.007.8060.0000
S.M. Wadkar (Hampshire Stars CC) 460105150/1105.0010.5060.0000
K.J. Gifford (Scared Shotless) 4204196155/1196.005.76204.0000
S.S. Scott (Scared Shotless) 41741760--6.07-00
M.A. Ling (Scared Shotless) 41771830--6.20-00
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