Bowling statistics

TFB Official Premier League - (Season 3) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
B.D. Bentley (The WildCats) 4228165831/520.624.3428.5001
P.M. Taylor (The WildCats) 2120111565/322.205.5524.0000
L.M. Datar (Arbroath CC) 314091534/518.203.9028.0001
H.B. Rushmere (The WildCats) 4198178532/435.605.3939.6010
O. Cowley (Arbroath CC) 4210144420/136.004.1152.5000
R.A. Simpson (Arbroath CC) 3120111330/237.005.5540.0000
T.C. Rituparna (ST.PAUL CRICKET CLUB) 4158167228/183.506.3479.0000
L.M. Bill (ST.PAUL CRICKET CLUB) 4160168260/284.006.3080.0000
S.P. Saibaba (ST.PAUL CRICKET CLUB) 4198224234/1112.006.7999.0000
G. Pugh (Arbroath CC) 4198140233/170.004.2499.0000
A.F.B. Shrivastava (ST.PAUL CRICKET CLUB) 4211244288/2122.006.94105.5000
F.B.P. Latham (Arbroath CC) 16068168/168.006.8060.0000
P.H. Smith (Arbroath CC) 16060160/160.006.0060.0000
M.N.R. Ramdhyani (The WildCats) 3150117159/1117.004.68150.0000
S.D. Reporter (ST.PAUL CRICKET CLUB) 4180206131/1206.006.87180.0000
D.D. Bulpitt (Arbroath CC) 160650--6.50-00
B. Mirza (The WildCats) 160410--4.10-00
C.A. Knightley (The WildCats) 160460--4.60-00
J.M. Roche (The WildCats) 160500--5.00-00
D.R. Haque (The WildCats) 160470--4.70-00
W.M. Sayers (The WildCats) 160580--5.80-00
R.S. Brookes (Arbroath CC) 395950--6.00-00
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