Bowling statistics

CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 3 - Dolphin) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
M.P.R. Raju (Nudgers) 137236022538/524.085.0028.9211
A.A. Sharma (Milford CC) 146966262327/727.225.4030.2601
A.J. Burnley (VVK's XI) 147386172327/726.835.0232.0902
R.A.F. Hurwitz (Mathematics Revolution) 147296622241/530.095.4533.1402
S.N. Tyagi (Nudgers) 148156992225/531.775.1537.0511
S.A. Rogers (11 Boosters) 125975342032/526.705.3729.8511
W.H.J.P. Tranter (Welsh Warriors) 136315211941/527.424.9533.2111
A.A. Crowie (Mathematics Revolution) 147055651823/631.394.8139.1701
E. Weekes (The Free Ballers) 137126481838/536.005.4639.5601
A.E. Hazarika (Welsh Warriors) 148107451855/441.395.5245.0010
N.J. Vries (VVK's XI) 105064661643/329.125.5331.6200
R.K. Samantray (The Free Ballers) 147847931643/349.566.0749.0000
J.G. Thornton (Milford CC) 146576151556/341.005.6243.8000
K.V.R. Chaudhari (Nudgers) 147066351534/542.335.4047.0711
J.G. Kirkpatrick (Welsh Warriors) 147086901553/346.005.8547.2000
C. Booden (Welsh Warriors) 147857231537/248.205.5352.3300
V.R. Roy (VVK's XI) 148106671545/444.474.9454.0010
M.V. Satyadev (Warning shots) 116395741441/541.005.3945.6401
M.P. Sinha (Milford CC) 115123801321/329.234.4539.3800
A. Chetwode (Warning shots) 116105691354/443.775.6046.9210
W.J. Macheke (Warning shots) 116485531321/542.545.1249.8511
W.D. Foley (11 Boosters) 147766991332/353.775.4059.6900
D.N. Hubbard (Mathematics Revolution) 148107181335/255.235.3262.3100
O. Ramachandran (11 Boosters) 127206311252/552.585.2660.0001
J.E. Pearman (Welsh Warriors) 137326381242/453.175.2361.0010
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