Bowling statistics

U23 Youth Development League (division 3) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
M.L. Dhas (Winding Road CC) 147006683026/422.275.7323.3350
A.A. Khurram (Time Travelling Circus) 147235923033/719.734.9124.1012
H.W. Marsh (Top Shots) 146685772439/524.045.1827.8311
A.L. Ryan (Top Shots) 14555447220/520.324.8325.2311
B.D.B. Clarke (Khant Cricket Club) 12594533226/624.235.3827.0001
H.E. White (Doolee's Mauritian Maulers) 146756332139/630.145.6332.1411
S.G. Vinayak (Thalasons) 115294832027/424.155.4826.4520
S. Dhuri (ClintEssentials CC) 146426212033/631.055.8032.1002
G. Arnold (Time Travelling Circus) 147196112041/430.555.1035.9510
K.M. Sushil (ClintEssentials CC) 146566081939/532.005.5634.5312
M. Adams (Winding Road CC) 146745921919/431.165.2735.4720
W.F. Reeves (Top Shots) 146196401747/437.656.2036.4110
C.C. James (Doolee's Mauritian Maulers) 145495201621/532.505.6834.3101
H.H. Edward (Guyana Warriors) 135897451661/646.567.5936.8101
A.G. Jackson (Khant Cricket Club) 136696531548/443.535.8644.6010
J. McGuinness (ClintEssentials CC) 14772698157/546.535.4251.4701
A.A. Jumani (Time Travelling Circus) 148147331543/548.875.4054.2711
P.G. Phadte (Thalasons) 52852351439/416.794.9520.3630
M.S. Kumuthan (Guyana Warriors) 135345781428/441.296.4938.1420
D.G. Puri (Thalasons) 146596741438/348.146.1447.0700
E. Blades (Winding Road CC) 84424381247/436.505.9536.8320
F.R.L. Hughes (Top Shots) 145765871220/348.926.1148.0000
G.J. McKelvie (Doolee's Mauritian Maulers) 145984421238/336.834.4349.8300
J.J.D.J. Starr (Khant Cricket Club) 146055881248/649.005.8350.4201
C. Sealy (Guyana Warriors) 134614161140/337.825.4141.9100
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