Bowling statistics

U23 Youth Development League (division 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs WktsChange sort direction BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
G.P. Craven (Dusty Track CC) 147387131259/359.425.8061.5000
R.A. Channa (The Lannisters) 84503891131/335.365.1940.9100
E. Axelby (Dusty Track CC) 116305801128/352.735.5257.2700
F.J. Bowley (The Lannisters) 62672461026/524.605.5326.7001
J.D. Belshaw (0 Circle Champs) 106005261040/352.605.2660.0000
W. Chavan (Shoes CC) 14285282944/331.335.9431.6700
S.T. Dureja (The Lannisters) 8464460936/451.115.9551.5610
H.J. Birch (StanleyCC) 14656840923/293.337.6872.8900
A.A. Nevill (SSCC) 12719678941/275.335.6679.8900
N.N. Knight (Jksc) 12720682943/275.785.6880.0000
L. Wheeler (Dusty Track CC) 27681740/611.576.3910.8601
A.W. Peake (0 Circle Champs) 4198203742/529.006.1528.2901
P.R. Mehra (Shoes CC) 10449393756/356.145.2564.1400
D.B. Heathcote (Dusty Track CC) 9480520765/274.296.5068.5700
A.V. Lowe (Dusty Track CC) 10492449732/264.145.4870.2900
L. Norris (0 Circle Champs) 9537539753/377.006.0276.7100
F.W. Bishop (Misfits) 12600551750/278.715.5185.7100
R.J. Cubit (Dusty Track CC) 14666637752/291.005.7495.1400
M. Barnett (The Lannisters) 3173166644/527.675.7628.8301
N.C. Adams (0 Circle Champs) 4233173646/328.834.4538.8300
S.K. Dimri (The Lannisters) 15626526/55.202.7911.2001
R.W.I. Kumar (SSCC) 3156143562/428.605.5031.2010
G. Marsland (The Lannisters) 3166152529/330.405.4933.2000
M.E. Denness (Shoes CC) 4240205550/241.005.1248.0000
G.N. Khan (The Lannisters) 8431371560/274.205.1686.2000
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