Bowling statistics

U23 Youth Development League (division 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls RunsChange sort direction Wkts BBI Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
S.K. Dimri (The Lannisters) 15626526/55.202.7911.2001
K.U. Makvana (StanleyCC) 130290--5.80-00
A.J. Seager (Misfits) 16044144/144.004.4060.0000
G.N. Lavender (Jksc) 27160121/160.005.0771.0000
S.C. Traill (StanleyCC) 145463463/415.757.0013.5010
M.S. Connor (The Lannisters) 260770--7.70-00
L. Wheeler (Dusty Track CC) 27681740/611.576.3910.8601
A. Brain (Misfits) 29098225/149.006.5345.0000
C.T. Firth (SSCC) 29098129/198.006.5390.0000
V.B. Datta (Jksc) 212099151/199.004.95120.0000
S.R.K. Gurav (Jksc) 2108115347/338.336.3936.0000
V.M. Howie (The Lannisters) 3150123334/241.004.9250.0000
M.A. Syed (Misfits) 2120124155/1124.006.20120.0000
C.C. Langley (The Lannisters) 3112139231/169.507.4556.0000
M.H. Moor (The Lannisters) 4159143422/235.755.4039.7500
R.W.I. Kumar (SSCC) 3156143562/428.605.5031.2010
G. Marsland (The Lannisters) 3166152529/330.405.4933.2000
M. Barnett (The Lannisters) 3173166644/527.675.7628.8301
N.C. Adams (0 Circle Champs) 4233173646/328.834.4538.8300
K.J. Norbury (The Lannisters) 6186173212/186.505.5893.0000
A.W. Peake (0 Circle Champs) 4198203742/529.006.1528.2901
M.E. Denness (Shoes CC) 4240205550/241.005.1248.0000
A.L. Henfrey (0 Circle Champs) 5253209439/252.254.9663.2500
F.J. Bowley (The Lannisters) 62672461026/524.605.5326.7001
R.S. Krikken (The Lannisters) 7329273435/268.254.9882.2500
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