Bowling statistics

U23 Youth Development League (division 2) bowling statistics

Mat Balls Runs Wkts BBIChange sort direction Avg Eco SR 4w 5w
L. Wheeler (Dusty Track CC) 27681740/611.576.3910.8601
J.P. Miller (StanleyCC) 147818122763/630.076.2428.9313
P.G.G. Brooks (Shoes CC) 147987082221/532.185.3236.2711
W.R. Ahmed (Misfits) 147946231423/544.504.7156.7111
F.J. Bowley (The Lannisters) 62672461026/524.605.5326.7001
S.K. Dimri (The Lannisters) 15626526/55.202.7911.2001
S.S. Lenka (0 Circle Champs) 147805902532/523.604.5431.2002
J.S. Moitra (Jksc) 147016512340/528.305.5730.4811
W.W. Williams (The Lannisters) 84543831441/527.365.0632.4311
J.S. Ewers (SSCC) 146636681842/537.116.0536.8301
A.W. Peake (0 Circle Champs) 4198203742/529.006.1528.2901
M. Barnett (The Lannisters) 3173166644/527.675.7628.8301
R.W. Jenkins (0 Circle Champs) 104984642055/523.205.5924.9011
E. May (StanleyCC) 146187801584/552.007.5741.2011
R.I. Robertson (SSCC) 146585481913/428.845.0034.6320
E.A. Jinks (Dusty Track CC) 147056652230/430.235.6632.0520
S.T. Dureja (The Lannisters) 8464460936/451.115.9551.5610
R.J. Eadie (Jksc) 126144971637/431.064.8638.3810
V. Satish (Jksc) 127205921538/439.474.9348.0010
P.S. Jath (0 Circle Champs) 146785421841/430.114.8037.6710
S. Reema (Shoes CC) 146675542043/427.704.9833.3510
N. Richardson (SSCC) 116006021547/440.136.0240.0010
S.M. Ghosh (Misfits) 116605461359/442.004.9650.7710
R.W.I. Kumar (SSCC) 3156143562/428.605.5031.2010
S.C. Traill (StanleyCC) 145463463/415.757.0013.5010
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