Batting statistics

Saturday Seamers batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
R.J. Tait (PandaScheme) 14143951139*86.4599.89641080300
D.P. Melville (PandaScheme) 14145883130*98.1187.2563850500
G. Hinds (Steel Hoops) 1414084114560.07117.62331056300
D.R. Joshi (Melbourne) 14145836149*92.8999.6424922500
S. Champion (Coiled Snake) 14143759113*69.0085.2862711701
S.H. Chowdhary (Melbourne) 1212274915774.9096.5233881501
S.R. Morres (Coiled Snake) 1414174214357.0887.8123791000
J.R. Niehuus (Karnataka) 993734188*122.33101.2414920200
J. Huckett (Maharashtra) 1313172613260.5094.6552841700
C.E. Sambandam (Karnataka) 992710142*101.4399.8605871101
R. De Jager (Cape Cobras) 14137706154*117.6793.7632770200
R.R. Hussain (Maharashtra) 11114639126*91.29104.2451682201
C.D. Carolus (Cape Cobras) 1411657792*115.4089.3270570100
H.S. Bradshaw (Mumbai) 99056612262.89101.43427101200
H.M. Carlson (Melbourne) 1010255213769.0094.2022580501
J.L. Oddie (Maharashtra) 1311255215361.33114.7613713300
C.J. Giles (Maharashtra) 12122548111*54.80101.8641720401
K.I.C. Emerson (Steel Hoops) 141425289944.00102.3340563100
N. Bhalerao (Mumbai) 883527153*105.40109.5632711001
S.A. Baroda (Coiled Snake) 1414052512137.50100.5721584000
M.J.S.C. Tame (Steel Hoops) 1414050510936.0799.0241640200
N.G. Wallace (Cape Cobras) 141304967438.1593.2340590101
G. Smith (Cape Cobras) 1010146811452.0083.5722540400
L.L.D. Vandrau (PandaScheme) 1413745187*75.1777.3630410100
Y. Ritter (Cape Cobras) 14111438108*43.8079.7822501100
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