Batting statistics

The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 4) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
C. Donald (East Yorkshire CC) 1414082410458.8695.3753905401
R.S. Sharma (Renegades CC) 14142791154*65.92101.5433966502
M.M. Bennett (Diagon Alley) 10103786138*112.29102.2144950300
J.D. Parsons (Bowral Suns) 1414178113060.08107.1332966301
C.R. Monfries (Renegades CC) 1414475812075.80107.2152883401
D.A. Dey (Renegades CC) 13132618138*56.18106.5551732100
J.S.G.D. Geise (Riebeek CC) 10102609168*76.1276.0332590200
S.S. Tarrant (Bowral Suns) 14143607113*55.1888.2322681500
E. Kerslake (SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS) 12114602181*86.00102.9122754100
R. Curtis (The Commoners) 131265778296.17117.7670609200
D.K. Skipp (The Commoners) 14143576113*52.3695.8441751400
H. Alderson (Kerala Blasterss) 1313257312752.0997.1241654400
R.A. Jago (East Yorkshire CC) 1313156512347.08101.2532594201
D.H. Howitt (SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS) 12113544133*68.0095.2721630000
A.L. Giles (Bowral Suns) 14141541154*41.6296.7821680910
H.P. Love (Diagon Alley) 1010154013460.0097.6532720001
I.E.B.P. Mangotra (Riebeek CC) 12122535102*53.50103.2831633300
C.C. Sharpe (The Commoners) 1311152491*52.40112.69506151620
M.J. Irish (East Yorkshire CC) 661510171*102.0099.4213570201
C.E. Jones (Diagon Alley) 88150813872.5796.3932561100
C.F. Jackson (Diagon Alley) 10104498138*83.0096.8912551000
H.S. Carlton (Bowral Suns) 14133474102*47.4089.7721432301
K.D. McCarthy (Kerala Blasterss) 98145712765.29100.4431541600
C.W. Price (SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS) 1092444174*63.43102.7812570400
P.C. Scott (East Yorkshire CC) 1312542188*60.1490.9320344001
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