Batting statistics

CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 1) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
J.C.B. Coe (Coggeshall Town Cricket Club) 141431171163*106.4599.32741262200
R. Dutt (Friends United) 14143845144*76.8286.6715850101
A.R. Hurd (The Mighty Mighty Ducks) 1414077314055.2186.7633940600
H.R. Gopal (BBQ Country Club) 14147693102*99.0078.2251590402
A.L. Rasmussen (Friends United) 14145671157*74.5691.0442630501
N.J. Khan (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 13134646113*71.7878.6832510700
J.L. Gibbs (Penfield CC) 1414062514144.6494.9822650700
P.G.C. Srinivasan (BBQ Country Club) 1414058710541.9385.6932600400
S.K. Rahman (Coggeshall Town Cricket Club) 1414058612841.8688.7951610501
R.A. Sainsbury (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 12122585138*58.5086.9232590500
N.E. Siedle (BBQ Country Club) 1414057910641.3696.1851711101
S.H. Huggins (Chudleigh Choppers CC) 141225789857.8089.6160541502
O. Wilder (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 1410257413071.7591.6942630000
A.J. Illingworth (The Mighty Mighty Ducks) 1414455389*55.3081.3250530502
P.R. Marten (Elverham CC) 1414154911842.2396.1531661201
G.A. Higgins (Penfield CC) 1414052211237.2994.9131573102
F.J.J.R. Greyvensteyn (BBQ Country Club) 1411150612250.6099.4122514300
N.M. Miller (BBQ Country Club) 1414349688*45.0983.2240451400
R. Hobgen (Chudleigh Choppers CC) 1412549694*70.8677.3850421000
J. Dalkin (Coggeshall Town Cricket Club) 14123475137*52.7889.4521422200
K.H. Bhatta (Elverham CC) 1414246713338.9281.0822380500
A.G.E.T. Wiblin (ODD DOWN DAREDEVILS) 1212145112741.0074.4222370400
V. Swanepoel (Friends United) 14142449143*37.4285.0402510200
A.W.C.C. Puna (Coggeshall Town Cricket Club) 1414042113030.0781.2711322600
H. Prabhu (Friends United) 14104421101*70.1777.1131360000
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