Batting statistics

Calypso Kings Cup (division 4) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
M.K. Bhatnagar (Inglourious Basterds) 10104699162*116.5099.2924900300
P.I. Parija (Inglourious Basterds) 10106689208*172.25105.35238931500
J.S. Howell (Tayavalla) 1084569120*142.2582.34146701200
A.G. Anderson (Milton CC) 10102497171*62.1295.2122630100
R.S. Frisch (Milton CC) 101014518250.1191.8540570100
R.P. Hamilton (Tayavalla) 662413192*103.2587.5031540300
M.A.A. Boruppa (Tayavalla) 553408162*204.0088.3102540200
J.D. Hossain (Tayavalla) 553393117*196.5079.0713440000
K.W. Russell (U-23 Thailand outside Bangkok) 9903467338.44140.0840503001
E.Z. Lister (Warwick Wolves CC) 101003249632.4093.9120294102
J. Dowson (Milton CC) 10103315118*45.0091.8401400100
E.E. Vahed (Queensland Bushrangers) 1010128710531.89109.1311302100
G.U. Jobanputra (Warwick Wolves CC) 992259109*37.00115.6211284000
P.K. Pyemont (Milton CC) 108024910031.12144.77113151000
G.W.C. Sayers (Warwick Wolves CC) 10101226102*25.11128.4101303000
G.J. Brodie (Milton CC) 101002094420.90139.3300303201
W.S. Gilbert (U-23 Thailand outside Bangkok) 8802066725.75130.3810216000
C.Z. Ashford-Brown (U-23 Thailand outside Bangkok) 6602028633.67148.5320301000
A.B. Somshekhar (Inglourious Basterds) 105119210948.00104.3501280100
V.A. Sharma (Inglourious Basterds) 1073190113*47.50111.1101212501
Q.M. Cameron (Milton CC) 101001883918.80112.5700272200
M.J. Gill (Queensland Bushrangers) 55118111245.25102.2601190200
R.C.J.J. Brown (Milton CC) 10821725828.6788.6610190200
G. Darling (Tayavalla) 10411696456.33137.4020232100
K.Z. Khan (Warwick Wolves CC) 88116495*23.4381.1910142000
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