Batting statistics

CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 7 - Quail) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
G.T.A. Wills (Fiddling XI) 141441129160*112.9095.44651500501
W.A. Hussain (VAIBHAV123) 141431101164100.09125.97651535400
A. Akram (White Cricket Club) 141461097144*137.1287.69271300000
C.F. Tandy (Locke XI) 141421017179*84.75104.41531403000
C.M. Barker (VAIBHAV123) 141431008128*91.64124.29541510700
J.D.W. Ryan (Lobban Cricket Club) 1414294011678.3379.59541130100
H.A. Tyson (Hughes) 14136897121*128.1480.3063990100
A.M. Clifton (Payne Cricket Club) 14141816174*62.7796.91431150500
N.N. Porter (Lobban Cricket Club) 14141811150*62.3885.1952950401
I.G. Field (Payne Cricket Club) 14134805150*89.4491.5862990200
L.C. Cuthbertson (White Cricket Club) 1414177414659.5490.53141020300
S. Steptoe (Jones Cricket Club) 14143766135*69.6496.23231020301
H.E.G. Thwaites (Lobban Cricket Club) 14144761146*76.1084.0061900710
S. Brown (Hughes) 14142755169*62.9289.7752950400
H.A. Hussain (VAIBHAV123) 1413374813174.80103.7424861200
S. Brutton (Payne Cricket Club) 14143739148*67.1893.7833990300
S. Gibson (Jones Cricket Club) 14133736138*73.6096.5942930500
G.S. Williams (Jones Cricket Club) 14142704147*58.6791.6733930301
R.W. Wright (Locke XI) 14145679113*75.4493.5361780300
J. Ferley (White Cricket Club) 14145675138*75.0098.6804880100
M.V.W.P. Wadsworth (Hughes) 14143643149*58.4585.1723800000
J.K. Payne (Locke XI) 14141640148*49.2398.0151831200
A. Bullock (Fiddling XI) 14141595137*45.7783.2241720400
E.J. Jones (Hughes) 14133584112*58.4088.89426601210
G.H.D. Wilson (Fiddling XI) 14141574145*44.1591.2631680600
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