Batting statistics

CC Asia (50 overs) (Tier 3 - Monal) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
P.V. Gaekwad (Braves) 14144935141*93.5088.54351000300
R.K. Ratheesh (Baahubali Cricket Club) 14142850176*70.8399.3053950100
H. Shah (Braves) 1414181113362.3885.2824910201
C.R. Thomas (Gloucester) 1414480811480.8091.2062761500
S.R. Nissar (Amateurs' CC) 14142696118*58.0096.9443910300
K.J. Obaidullah (Braves) 14143691114*62.8281.3953640300
N.D. Halgekar (Baahubali Cricket Club) 14143688130*62.55100.1513860404
A.P. Das (Speed Demons) 14142652112*54.3388.5923720000
D.M. Thambuswamy (Speed Demons) 14142651130*54.2595.59328301100
S.K.K. Varia (Amateurs' CC) 1414464511764.5090.2142680601
A.N.C. Shaukat (Guyana Warriors) 1313358689*58.6087.86506501300
M.N. Pranyeen (THE FIRE) 1414058312341.6495.7341643200
P.E. Arthur (THE FIRE) 1414057710041.2197.8051612500
M.F.R.L. Bennett (Speed Demons) 14141575148*44.2380.4222630301
S.M. Roy (Amateurs' CC) 1414053911538.5087.6421630803
D. Asif (Baahubali Cricket Club) 14144534134*53.4086.9722580200
R.F. Johnson (Gloucester) 1414152613740.4693.1012561600
E.C. Hartkopf (THE FIRE) 141424989241.5088.9340453400
R.T. Barik (THE FIRE) 14141496110*38.1590.8421473400
E. Oldfield (Speed Demons) 1413349510749.5074.4431360101
B.A. George (Misfits) 111134938461.6279.2650381002
H.B. Harper (Guyana Warriors) 1212049111640.9287.8422530400
T.A.R.A. Beckford (Guyana Warriors) 12123491108*54.5691.2641421300
M.H.J. Vaidya (THE FIRE) 1414148210537.0895.45214441310
H.C. Lowe (Gloucester) 1414147410736.4688.4321531500
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