Batting statistics

CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 4 - Rabbit) batting statistics

Mat Inn NO RunsChange sort direction HS Avg SR 50 100 4s 6s Ct St RO
T.T.T. Severn (Honley CC) 13135848170*106.0097.03621093502
R. Hopes (Goldstars CC) 13133808155*80.8096.88431061400
P.J. Turner (Goldstars CC) 1313476013184.4488.4781932100
D. Backman (Honley CC) 13132747131*67.9198.68241012000
C.G. Johnson (Goldstars CC) 13133689129*68.9093.3662850300
P.V. Couto (PGP CC) 13132645152*58.64100.3121852801
H.S. Seal (Heavy Miss Emma) 13134560100*62.2294.9241670100
S.Z. Shehzad (Peshawar Pigs) 1312155110250.0985.6941610703
S.J. Chauhan (Heavy Miss Emma) 1313254912749.91107.44217231002
D.P. May (Galectico CC) 1313154511445.42102.2521690302
D.C. Sarre (PGP CC) 1313150812342.33101.4041574700
A.S. Powell (Marylebone Cricket Club) 13122495131*49.5092.5231434801
E. Barker (Marylebone Cricket Club) 1311246510451.6793.7521425701
C.P. Henson (Marylebone Cricket Club) 1313241510437.7398.1121551100
S.C.G. Nande (Galectico CC) 88241213368.6786.9231433100
A.L. Beauchamp (Goldstars CC) 1311537886*63.0089.3640412104
Y.K. Singhvi (PGP CC) 111003788937.80105.0040481300
S.M. Sloman (Stiff Little Fingers) 13132367113*33.3674.4421340403
Z. Ali (Peshawar Pigs) 1312136611033.2781.5111351702
G.D.H.J. Barton (PGP CC) 1313036315927.9293.8001411400
N. Martin (Stiff Little Fingers) 1313135166*29.2577.6530430500
E.P. Bennett (Heavy Miss Emma) 131333506335.0091.8630401301
M.J. Solkar (Honley CC) 1312134911131.73110.4411444100
D.G.L. Hall (Marylebone Cricket Club) 131313408928.3391.8910450302
A. Ali (Peshawar Pigs) 111113378333.7091.3320460200
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