The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 3) Records

Highest team score

380/5 kurumnchum CC innings 02 Jul 2022 Mystic Echo vs kurumnchum CC
368/7 The Dutch Courage innings 09 Jul 2022 Honley CC vs The Dutch Courage
343/7 Riebeek CC innings 09 Jul 2022 Mystic Echo vs Riebeek CC
339/4 Rocketown Rebels innings 14 May 2022 Rocketown Rebels vs Shocking Debut
323/4 Riebeek CC innings 16 Jul 2022 Riebeek CC vs Shocking Debut

Lowest team score

25 Mystic Echo innings 30 Jul 2022 Mystic Echo vs The Dutch Courage
50 Mystic Echo innings 14 May 2022 kurumnchum CC vs Mystic Echo
84 Honley CC innings 02 Jul 2022 Honley CC vs Riebeek CC
90 kurumnchum CC innings 16 Jul 2022 The Dutch Courage vs kurumnchum CC
99 FlyingBTUkInd innings 25 Jun 2022 kurumnchum CC vs FlyingBTUkInd

Highest individual score

150* W.W. Gayle 02 Jul 2022 kurumnchum CC innings Mystic Echo vs kurumnchum CC
146* D. Backman 18 Jun 2022 Honley CC innings Honley CC vs Mystic Echo
145* R.B. Daly 07 May 2022 Rocketown Rebels innings Honley CC vs Rocketown Rebels
143* P.C.J.A. Rowlands 04 Jun 2022 The Dutch Courage innings Shocking Debut vs The Dutch Courage
142* R.N. Adeel 30 Jul 2022 Shocking Debut innings Shocking Debut vs Honley CC

Best bowling (innings)

58/7 C.C.M. Chettri 30 Apr 2022 kurumnchum CC innings Shocking Debut vs kurumnchum CC
16/6 P.B. Sabine 30 Jul 2022 Mystic Echo innings Mystic Echo vs The Dutch Courage
21/6 R.D. Munnuswamy 11 Jun 2022 Mystic Echo innings The Dutch Courage vs Mystic Echo
30/6 J. Shankland 28 May 2022 Riebeek CC innings Shocking Debut vs Riebeek CC
40/6 M.J. Dixit 14 May 2022 The Dutch Courage innings FlyingBTUkInd vs The Dutch Courage
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