CC Oceania (Tier 2) All Time Records

Highest team score

922/6 First innings of Anti-Inertia 02 Feb 2016 Anti-Inertia vs San Remo Pelicans
915 First innings of Willows Wannabes 23 May 2017 West Torrens cc vs Willows Wannabes
914/9 First innings of Hounds of Shadow 20 Feb 2018 Hounds of Shadow vs Extra Silly Square Legs
909 First innings of North Eastern CC 02 Feb 2010 PCC2006 vs North Eastern CC
894 First innings of Too short for Chess 09 Oct 2018 Carlyon Cavaliers vs Too short for Chess

Lowest team score

9 Second innings of Gilbert Cricket Club 06 Sep 2016 Gilbert Cricket Club vs Alahakoon XI
12 Second innings of Marcoville Maulers 11 May 2010 SCC vs Marcoville Maulers
13 First innings of Homburg 14 Jun 2016 Ali XI vs Homburg
13 Second innings of West Footscray Tigers 23 Apr 2019 Dockeroos vs West Footscray Tigers
14 Second innings of Matarazzo XI 24 May 2016 Wrentmore CC vs Matarazzo XI

Highest individual score

397 W.F. Porter 26 Apr 2011 Second innings of Tawonga Tigers Tawonga Tigers vs SCC
385* M. Boult 14 Aug 2018 First innings of Revolution Revolution vs Cricket Inc
385 B.J. Brooke 29 Nov 2016 First innings of Bonnet's XI Bonnet's XI vs West Torrens cc
382 G.W. Francis 06 Jun 2017 First innings of Bowral Suns XI bsuccc vs Bowral Suns XI
378 N. Latchman 07 Jul 2015 First innings of Wabbits CC Wabbits CC vs Gordon Below Zero's

Best bowling (innings)

11/10 K. Cooray 18 Oct 2016 Second innings of Manik Kaluhalamulla XI vs Manik
13/9 W. Lamb 13 Sep 2016 First innings of de Silva Johnson Cricket Club vs de Silva
16/9 D.E.A.A. Hayazim 30 Aug 2016 Second innings of Meintjes Cricket Club Alahakoon XI vs Meintjes Cricket Club
19/9 H.R. Hossain 17 Apr 2018 Second innings of Extra Silly Square Legs Extra Silly Square Legs vs Macedon CC
22/9 M.B. Vyvyan 26 Apr 2011 First innings of King Edward CC Cricket Inc vs King Edward CC

Best bowling (match)

190/16 A.A. Ghai 27 Mar 2018 Macedon CC vs Wabbits CC
150/15 T.M. Rayment 03 May 2016 West Torrens cc vs Revolution
174/15 Q. Gale 07 Apr 2015 Gordon Below Zero's vs Hoarders CC
221/15 Q. Gale 04 Aug 2015 Gordon Below Zero's vs Hoarders CC
75/14 M.R. Sarkar 30 Aug 2016 Haider Cricket Club vs Cooper XI