Bowling honours at Pune Giants for Friendly (50 over) competition

Bowlers who have taken five or more wickets in an innings at Pune Giants.

You can also view batsmen who have scored centuries at this ground in this competition.

Date Figures Player Innings
23 Oct 2017 30/5 N.S. Benson Pune Giants innings
31 Jul 2017 28/9 N.E. Patel Scorpion Stingers innings
27 Feb 2017 83/6 A.W.D. Wilkinson Pune Giants innings
08 Aug 2016 15/5 N.E. Patel Cunning innings
25 Jul 2016 14/5 M. Barton Pune Giants innings
02 May 2016 44/8 R.G. Beale Pune Giants innings