Pearce CG matches

04 Jun 2022 Pearce vs Elverham CC (Friendly (50 over)) Elverham CC won by 236 runs
15 May 2022 Pearce vs Anning Cricket Club (Friendly (50 over)) Pearce won by 27 runs
26 Apr 2022 Pearce vs Fiddling XI (Friendly (4 day)) Pearce won by 7 runs
05 Apr 2022 Pearce vs Eadon (First class) Pearce won by 10 wickets
29 Mar 2022 Pearce vs Jamaican Rum Runners (First class) Jamaican Rum Runners won by 734 runs
08 Mar 2022 Pearce vs Rawalpindi Lions (First class) Rawalpindi Lions won by an innings and 383 runs
01 Mar 2022 Pearce vs Norwood Trash Pandas (First class) Norwood Trash Pandas won by 943 runs
22 Feb 2022 Pearce vs Oval Superheroes (First class) Pearce won by 230 runs
20 Feb 2022 Pearce vs Xtreme (Friendly (50 over)) Xtreme won by 85 runs
01 Feb 2022 Pearce vs Tireless Runners (First class) Tireless Runners won by an innings and 562 runs
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