Beasts Arena matches

06 Aug 2022 Falcons XI vs Veerapaneni CC (One day (50 over)) Falcons XI won by 3 runs
03 Aug 2022 Falcons XI vs RisingØStars (Friendly (50 over)) RisingØStars won by 5 wickets
31 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Korny XI (One day (50 over)) Korny XI won by 103 runs
24 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Cornflake Pants CC (One day (50 over)) Cornflake Pants CC won by 4 wickets
23 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Sargodha Stallions (One day (50 over)) Falcons XI won by 7 wickets
19 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Aycers (First class) Falcons XI won by 265 runs
16 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Jamshedpur Burnlights (One day (50 over)) Falcons XI won by 133 runs
09 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Vikings (One day (50 over)) Vikings won by 9 wickets
05 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Numpty Goldfish (First class) Numpty Goldfish won by 7 wickets
04 Jul 2022 Falcons XI vs Leinster Cricket Club (One day (50 over)) Leinster Cricket Club won by 3 runs
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