Welcome to Cricket Championship

Cricket Championship is a FREE multiplayer online cricket management game with in-depth tactics, sophisticated match simulations and flexible league structures.

Cricket Championship is shutting down in November 2022. It has run for nearly 15 years and 50 seasons of online cricket but it is the right time for it to come to an end. As a result it is no longer possible to set up new accounts.

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Pick your best players

Pick specialist batsmen, fast bowlers, spinners, a wicketkeeper and set your match tactics to the deepest detail.

Cricket Championship has the most in-depth and flexible match tactics that you can get in an online cricket game.

Play matches!

Choose when you want your home games to start, then watch them unfold in real-time just like the real world.

Follow every moment of your match with ball-by-ball commentary and statistics. Change your tactics during intervals to help your team win.

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Example league page (small)

Compete in leagues

Choose the leagues you want to join, first class or one day or both. Or create your own league and invite your friends to play too.

Friendly user forums and official and unofficial leagues allow you to engage however you want.

Read the manual for more of an insight into the game or take a look at the release notes to see what features have been added recently.

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